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GMF (Andritz) Gouda Brush-'n-Belt machine BE 120/2 1999 NL-Lomm

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GMF (Andritz) Gouda
BE 120/12
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Removes up to 95% of peel without water

Reduces peel waste carry over to the after washers

Peel waste material with high dry matter content

Reduces steam exposure time and steam consumption

High flexibility in processing different tuber sizes and low losses

The separation of the generated hot condensate water from the products is part of this system. The result is well peeled product with a minimal heat ring, high dry matter content of the peel waste and minimal peel losses. Having left the pressure vessel with the peel almost completely detached, the products and peel waste are transported to the Brush-'n-Belt dry peel remover via the metering auger.

The process

The machine can be divided in three basic parts:

·        12 brushes perpendicular to the product flow, all rotating in the same direction at a very high speed

·        one smooth conveyor belt situated over and parallel to the brushes

·        one soft belt scraper and peel waste auger.

From the lower end, the products are moved upwards by the high speed brushes in an interchanging contact between the brushes and the belt conveyor moving in opposite directions. The distance between belt and brushes is always slightly more than the largest product diameter, so that the product is moved upwards in one layer. It takes only 5 to 10 seconds until the top is reached. The steamed peels are brushed off, the greater part being thrown against the belt, where it sticks to the surface. The remaining peel is thrown downwards.

At the top, the plastic scraper removes the peel waste from the belt to a cross auger, which discharges the peel waste in the waste chute. This chute collects all waste, including that slung directly from the brushes. The waste flows to a central discharge point. The clean belt enters the machine at the upper side, running down to the infeed of the machine. This counter stream principle, in combination with the high brush speed, achieves a separations efficiency of up to 95%.

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